Up, Up and Away at The New Arthurs Seat Chairlift, Arthurs Seat, Victoria, Australia
Flora & Fauna

Arthurs Seat Flora
The Chairlift travels through the canopies of many varieties of Australian flora. Try identifying the different types of gums and other species of plants that are indigenous to the Mornington Peninsula.

Common Flat-pea
Platyloium obtusangulum
1 x 1 m compact shrub. Yellow and
deep red pea flowers from September to December. Fruit are hairy stalkless pods with 4 seeds.

Silver Banksia
Banksia marginata

1.5-10 m bushy shrub. Flowers all year
round with greenish-yellow spikes 15-12 cm long. Fruit is a cone shape


Occasional sightings of Koalas doing a spot of passenger watching, Wallabies and Echidnas cause great excitement for passengers lucky enough to make a sighting.

Arthurs Seat Birds

While riding the Chairlift many native Australian birds can be seen in the treetops or rustling for food in the scrub below. To help you identify some of the birds you see on your journey, illustrated are a few of the more commonly seen varieties.

Laughing Kookaburra
Dacelo gigas

About 46 cm in length.
Sexes similar in appearance. Usually nests in large tree holes.

Common Birds
Crimson & Eastern Rosellas
Grey Fantails
Australian Magpies
Eastern Yellow Robins
White Eared Honeyeaters
Grey Butcher Birds
Cuckoo Shrikes
Red Wattle Birds
Superb Blue Wrens