Up, Up and Away at The New Arthurs Seat Chairlift, Arthurs Seat, Victoria, Australia
The "new" Arthurs Seat Chairlift

Situated at the chairlfit base station adjacent to the 100 space capacity carpark. The company provides tearooms seating 24 persons with capacity for a further 24 persons upon an exterior deck. The tea rooms serve light snacks and cream teas, coffees and cool drinks, while the souvenir shop stocks a wide range of Australian and chairlift souvenirs. The base of the chairlift is located in 3 acres of treed grassland with small picnic gazebo and also childrens play equipment. Included in this facility is State Park information boards and also Tourist Information and brochure displays.

Our staff have been selected for their friendliness and also knowledge of Arthurs Seat State Park and adjoining tourism properties.

finally visitors will be interested to know that the chairlift presently has 63 chairs with capacity to increase this to 80, 6 chair spaces are set up in teh system so that at night the spaces are located at end stations so that no chair can be reached from the ground.

Movement sensor lihts operate at each end station while closed circuit TV is used to monitor the top station.

The haul rope is 28 mm diameter and has a breaking laod of 80 Tonnes - a factor of safety of 10, compared to usual safety factors of 6 for this type of installation. The rope is 200 metres long, weighing 6.5 tonne and is joined by a 34 metre long splice.


Arriving at the top

Down below
Tea rooms at the base